Sylvester's Colored Pencil Art

Figurative Work 2

More figurative works.

(At Right) "Storytime on the Steps 4"...17"x23"....

Series 4 of the images featuring my daughter enjoying one of her favorite books.

"Storytime on the Steps 3"...18"x27"

Series 3 of Stephanie reading to her dolls.
"The Conversation" 14"x20"

This is a drawing of my niece. The image represents the age-old act of bonding and play.

"Prodigy" 14"x20"

This image uses the technique of foreshorten. I shot the photo references from the roof of my studio.
"Storytime on the Steps 1" 22"x30"

This image inspired me to create a series of drawings based on a mother and daughter sharing precious moments together.

"Contemplation" 22"x30"

This piece features my dad caught during one of his "pensive" moments.
"Learning the Ropes" 11"x14"

I always try to keep my camera handy for caputuring moments like this when my niece was learning to skip ropes.