Sylvester's Colored Pencil Art

Figurative Work 1

This is my gallery of figurative drawing. My wife,dad and daughter were the subjects for most of these. Figures have always been a favorite of mine. People provide a never ending source of expressions and ideas.

(At Right) "Storytime on the Steps 2"...12"x18",
This drawing is part of a series I did of my wife and daughter enjoying one of their favorite pastimes.

"Pierced Ears" 14"x20"

This is a recent drawing of Stephanie after having her ears pierced.
"Dad and Ralph" 12"x18"

This drawing shows my dad and the family dog "Ralph" enjoying one of their favorite moments.

"From a Distance" 17"x23"

My niece Shontell posed for this piece.
"At Rest" 17.5"x23.5"

Another recent image of Stephanie having a restful moment on a warm summer afternoon.

"Grand" 14"x20"

This drawing is the second I've done of my wife's grandmother. She is the epitome of strength,faith and living life to the fullest. She celebrated her 108th birthday on July 5th,2003. Truly a Blessing!!
"Stephanie with Umbrella" 22"x30"

Another recent portrait of Stephanie.