Sylvester's Colored Pencil Art

More Artwork

This page has more artwork that I felt did not fit into the figurative or still life catergories or could not fit on the gallery pages because of space.

"Green with Envy 2" 17"x23"

I enjoyed working with the reflective surfaces in this composition.
"Candy Apples" 19"x23"

This is one of my earlier pieces done on Stonehenge Rising paper.

"57 Pontiac" 22"x30"

I love doing old cars and trucks. This car was for sale down the street from my studio. I figured if I couldn't afford to buy it , I could just settle for doing a drawing of it.
"Covered Wagon" 22"x30"

The wagon was one one my first childhood toys. Although you can't see it, this piece has a reference to my favorite TV show (it's not "Wagon Train"). I sometimes place these references to my favorite TV show in my work to see if folks will spot it when I have an exhibit.

"Still Life with Apples" 14"x20"

Still lifes have always been
a favorite source of inspiration
for me. I was drawn to the play
of light across this piece.
"Peachy Keen" 11.5"x17.5"

This is one of my "busiest" works. I usually allow some resting space for the eyes, but I guess I got carried away with color in this piece.

This image is an example of my interest in old rustic scenes that remind us of simplier times. (SOLD)