Sylvester's Colored Pencil Art

Still Lifes

This is my gallery of still life work. Because of the amount of time I put into the works, I mostly work from photo sources. I select objects based on shape, color, texture and the objects ability to reflect and direct light.

At Right...."Sun-Lit Lemons" , 12"x18"

I experimented with this piece by using less layering to get the look I was after. (SOLD)

"Little Red Rivals 1"...14"x20"

This drawing is part of a series of works that I am currently working on that experiments with the effect of light on space and pattern.This is also the first of my work to win an award in a national competition.
"Little Red Rivals 2"...14"x20"

This is the second work in the "Little Red Rivals" series. I've pushed the level of light and dark contrast in this piece.

"Blue Cup and Pear 1"...28"x36"

This is one of the largest pieces I've done. I spent 60-80 hours on this work which was drawn on Stonehenge Rising paper.
"Blue Cup and Pear # 2"...36" x 48"

The second piece in the "Blue Cup" series, also done on Stonehenge Rising paper.

"Sun-Lit Apples"...17.5"x23.5"

This piece is featured in the BEST OF COLORED PENCIL 5.
"North Light"...22"x30"

This work started out as part of the "Little Red Rivals" series ,but I was not pleased with its' progression. (SOLD)